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Jason's Image Gallery

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This is an archived project

jigl was written in the early 2000's and is no longer maintianed.

This page is being left up as an archive for those who may still have interest.
Thanks to everyone who helped with this project!

Required Programs

jigl has been tested on Linux and Windows 2000. It won't work on Windows 98 or below -- sorry. Windows users should read the Windows Users page for information about getting jigl to run.

It should work on most systems that are supported by ALL of the following programs:

Linux Image Rotation Tool
jigl now supports automatic image rotation for images from cameras that support the Orientation tag! If you're lucky enough to have one of these cameras you never have to worry about image rotation again!
For those of us not so lucky, I wrote a simple wrapper script around jhead and jpegtran which does lossless jpeg rotation on images while preserving the EXIF header information. This is a very useful script for digital camera owners who use linux.

If you use gqview to view your images you can add the rotation script to the 'edit' menu for easy access to lossless image rotation. It makes rotating your images about as easy as you can get.
I usually add the following lines to the 'edit' menu:
Comment -- command 'jhead -ce' -- (add comment to EXIF comment field)
Rotate 90 -- command 'rotate -r 90'
Rotate 180 -- command 'rotate -r 180'
Rotate 270 (cc 90) -- command 'rotate -r 270'
Flip Horizontal -- command 'rotate -flip horizontal'
Flip Vertical -- command 'rotate -flip vertical'
Transpose -- command 'rotate -tp'
Transverse -- command 'rotate -tv'

Download rotate here.


Get the latest version of jigl here:
Linux/*NIX platforms jigl-2.0.1.tar.gz -- Version 2.0.1 -- 11/13/2003
Windows 2000/XP setup_jigl.2-0-1.exe -- Version 2.0.1 -- 11/13/2003
Please make sure Perl is installed BEFORE running the windows installer!
Windows users READ THIS before installing.
Read the ChangeLog to find out what's new.
Read the Upgrade file to find out what you need to do to upgrade from one relase to the next.
Read the Todo file to find out what may be coming in future releases.


Want the latest and greatest version of jigl? You can download it via CVS by doing the following:
Note: this is a READ-ONLY cvs repository. You will not be able to check in any changes you make.

If you have already checked out the jigl-cvs module, you can update it by doing a cvs update when in your jigl-cvs directory.

Older Versions

(Note: jigl was known as jGal before version 1.0rc4)