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08/08/2005 -- Pictures from the 2005 IJA festival in Davenport, Iowa are up.
08/06/2004 -- I participated in a small experimental juggling video called Juggletween. Check it out.
07/21/2004 -- Pictures from the 2004 IJA festival in Buffalo, NY are up.
05/27/2004 -- Pictures from the 27th annual RIT Juggle-In juggling convention are up.
04/12/2004 -- Pictures from the Third Annual NYC/Pratt Institute Juggle That juggling convention are up.
03/19/2004 -- Pictures from our vacation at Azulik in Tulum Mexico are up.
01/06/2004 -- Happy New Year everyone!
11/13/2003 -- jigl 2.0.1 is out.
11/01/2003 -- Server news. New Server is back online and holding steady.
10/25/2003 -- jigl 2.0 is out.
10/01/2003 -- Server news. It got fried the other day when a rogue ups decided to go on the fritz. It's being sent back for repair and shouild be back in a few days. We're using the old server in the time being.
10/01/2003 -- All three webcams are down for the time being. The black and white work cam will probably be removed completely in the near future as it hasn't been in use for quite a while now. When Xandercam and the work birdfeeder cam is back and running I'll re-enable the cams link.
09/23/2003 -- Added Roy's pictures from the Mount Washington Valley Jam!
09/22/2003 -- The new server has been up and running for the past week. So far things seem to be working as normal. Thanks Christine for setting it all up and helping work through the few issues I found. :)
09/12/2003 -- Server Update! The new server is IN! Yay. We should be running with the new server early next week.
09/07/2003 -- Added pictures from the First Annual Mount Washington Valley Jam!
08/25/2003 -- It turns out that the new server was 'misplaced' by the shipping company. It made it all the way to Boston and then fell off the face of the earth. A new one is on order, so we'll see what happens. Hopefully the black market, I mean, black hole doesn't get that one too.
08/05/2003 -- Xome is getting a new server! Yay! Hopefully it'll be up and running in a week or so.
07/29/2003 -- Added photos from the 2003 IJA Juggling Festival in Reno, NV!
06/02/2003 -- Version 1.1 of jigl is released!
05/06/2003 -- Version 1.0 of jigl is released!
04/14/2003 -- Added jigl to the new projects section.