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Jason's Image Gallery

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This is an archived project

jigl was written in the early 2000's and is no longer maintianed.

This page is being left up as an archive for those who may still have interest.
Thanks to everyone who helped with this project!

Thanks go to...

Dennis Jackson - Thanks for the countless ideas and for all the work and testing you've done (and still do) on the windows front.

Christine Jamiol - Xome's system administrator. You've put up with a lot of nagging.


Read the little blurb Linux Journal wrote about jigl in the August, 2003 issue! About half way down the page.

jigl (pronounced jiggle) is a perl script that generates a static html photo gallery from one or more directories of gif/jpg/png images. It supports themes and is very customizable. It includes the ability to display comments and EXIF info for each image in a simple clean layout.
jigl is written completely from scratch but the idea is heavily based on the program igal. igal did much of what I wanted, but there were a number of things I didn't like about it and found it difficult to modify. I wanted a cleaner solution, and thus jigl was born.
Some notable features that jigl supports are: