The movies were taken with Roy's Canon S-30 digital camera. It's a still camera, but it takes up to 30 seconds of video at 15 fps (with sound). We had some fun with it. These are some of the better clips from the night.

You will need the divx codec to view these movies.

UNH February 11, 2002
Brian bounces 5 balls on his knees - 1.4M
Brian juggles 5 clubs - 582k
Brian tries his hand at bouncing 7 - 1.2M
Jason tries, but doesn't make, a 5 ball 3 up full pirouette - 494k - I had to stand on a table so I could pirouette. The carpet really slows you down. I more wanted to see what the pirouette looked like and didn't care about landing the trick so much.
Jason and Brian pass 8 doubles - 952k - The tripple I threw at the end killed it. It wasn't a very good tripple. :)
Two pitouettes while passing 6 sucks - 1.9M - Listen to the sound on this one. :)
Two pirouettes while passing 6 - almost - 2.0M
Two pirouettes while passing 6 - 2.3M
Roy juggling 5 balls fly by - 2.1M
Roy juggling 5 balls - 998k